Customers angry over missing reports?
No invoices generated?
Batch import/export job that failed weeks ago and no one noticed?
Looking for a Dead Man's Switch / "nonevent"-system to alert you in case of “silent failures”?

Perpetus is a super-easy monitoring service that ensures everything works as expected. By monitoring the end result!

Perpetus is a countdown service where each monitor has its own email address and url. Each time an email is received, or the url is accessed, the timer resets and starts a new countdown. If the countdown reaches zero, an alert will be sent by email or text/sms messages.

Why Perpetus?

  • Super-easy to use: Just put your Perpetus monitor as cc to your automatic emails and you’re done!
  • …or invoke a http request to the monitor url in your code.
  • Purpose-built to just do this, nothing else.
  • Can be integrated with your regular monitoring system.
  • Made by those who got embarrassed themselves (by failed email reports, reported by a customer) and promised this shall never happen again

Start your no-cost-forever account (limited to one monitor, no text/sms alerts) - just login!